Gearbox Reportedly Works on a new Brothers in Arms But They Won’t Say “Shit” About It

The company that brought us the Borderlands series confirms the Brothers in Arms project, which is already in an early stage of development.


Gearbox has always wanted to return to the Brothers in Arms saga. An executive at Randy Pitchford’s company commented less than two years ago that they would love to do something again with this brand. And it was not simple verbiage. In the last episode of the podcast ‘Game Maker’s Notebook’, Pitchford himself confirms that his company is already working on a new Brothers in Arms, although if you expect to see it in action soon … you will have to suffer.

From minute 53, shared by Exputer, the leader of the Borderlands company, talks about this new project around the Brothers in Arms saga, making it clear that his company only announces its games when they are in the final phase of development. “I didn’t announce Borderlands 3 until it was beta! (Laughs),” says Pitchford, “and it’s a shame because I know there are a lot of people [waiting].”

“We are working on another Brothers in Arms game, but I will not say a sh * t until we have it. And we have fans who love the saga, and they are simply going to have to suffer,” adds the executive, hinting that there is a good one left. Wait until your presentation. From the words of Randy Pitchford, it is understood that the new Brothers in Arms is still at an early stage in its development.

And now that Gearbox is owned by Embracer Group, the parent company of Koch Media and THQ Nordic, we look forward to hearing what Borderlands’ creators can do with access to more resources and budget. Although this project aims for the long term, the studio is preparing in the short time the premiere of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the spin-off of the looter-shooter saga par excellence that already has a release date.

Source: Exputer

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