Nintendo Switch Receives Bluetooth Update

Nintendo Switch is finally joining the 21st century by allowing users to pair their Bluetooth headphones and speakers.


Nintendo as a company sometimes has to be dragged kicking and screaming to the 21st century, and even that it is not the best in features that Microsoft and Sony already offer on their own consoles.

One of the most significant features missing from the handheld was the ability to pair your headphones and Bluetooth speakers to your Nintendo Switch.

In the latest firmware update, this omission of a crucial feature has finally been rectified. Players will finally be able to connect Bluetooth headphones and speakers, but there are some restrictions on using this feature on the console.

Only two controllers can be used while Bluetooth is active, and also the Bluetooth audio will be disconnected when using local communication. Plus, only one device can be paired with the Switch at the time, but ten of them can be saved for future use.

The latest firmware can be downloaded now, and the firmware version is labelled as version number: 13.0.0.

You can read more about it on Nintendo’s official Twitter page


Source: VG247

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