Chorus – Brand New Trailer and Release Date!

Chorus was one of the games announced last year on an Inside Xbox Show, and ever since then, not much has been heard or seen about the game; well, that silence is finally over.


Chorus is a sci-fi space combat shooter where you play the role of Nara, an ex-cultist who escapes from the cult using a sentient AI starfighter and decides to seek redemption by destroying the cult that created both of them.

The Circle is a cult that has a tight grip on the galaxy, and it is up to Nara and Forsaken, her AI starfighter, to dismantle the regime. This can be done in many ways, as the game is one huge open world, with several sidequests, secret temples, random encounters, and other neat secrets for the player to discover. Nara will have to reclaim her powers so that she can use Forsaken to her fullest and will be able to customize the look and weapons of the ship.

Combat is fast spaced similar to Ace Combat 7, and not the slow paced space-sims like Elite Dangerous, X4, or even StarCitizen. It is an arcade space shooter, and it seems the player will even have teleportation powers. Check out the trailer below:



Chorus will be out on the 3rd of December 2021 for Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia


Source: Gematsu

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