How Is Far Cry 2 Tied To The First Game? The Director Answers!

Far Cry 2 was an outstanding game in its time (which makes the situation of being outright ignored in Far Cry 6’s DLC slate even more outrageous), but it still had its ties to its predecessor.


Far Cry 2 had a memorable villain called The Jackal. He was always close to us, but we never got the chance to get rid of him. For instance, early in the game, while we suffer from malaria, he walks up to us, taunting us in the process. The arms dealer was pretty much untouchable in these scenarios…

On Reddit, there have been theories for a while about the character. The fans claim that The Jackal in Far Cry 2 is the protagonist of the first Far Cry and Far Cry: Instincts called Jack Carver. Here comes Far Cry 2’s director Clint Hocking, who is the best possible person to clarify everything, which he has done in an interview with IGN. The Jackal’s textures in Far Cry 2 was labelled “jackcarver,” providing a possible confirmation.

However, Hocking confirmed it: “The Jackal is supposed to be Jack Carver from the original Far Cry, because Jack Carver in the original Far Cry was this shifty, like a smuggler, gun runner kind of crook who ends up on this island with this Island of Dr Moreau craziness going on. The idea was this is just him, like ten years later or something after he’s seen whatever he saw on this island […] here he’s kind of levelled-up his smuggling game, and he’s gotten embroiled in this conflict, but he’s also been through a lot more and seen a lot of messed-up stuff.

He’s kind of the MacGuffin, kind of there to give the player a high-level target and a high-level goal […] He’s not a gameplay function; he’s just motivation. We could’ve, in retrospect, gone a lot further, bringing that narrative into the world, some of that characterisation into the world. It was just all very new. We were trying our best, but we didn’t have the other benchmarks we needed to get to where he would have felt more present, more ubiquitous in the world,” Hocking said.

What a shame that Far Cry 6 doesn’t even think of including him.

Source: PCGamer

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