Squid Game: Why Was Netflix Sued For Its Successful Series? We Know The Answer!

A South Korean company, fed up with the interest in the Squid Game, has decided to take matters into its own hands.


Incredibly, the success of the Squid Game has led to a conflict between one company and the Netflix giant online store.  The Squid Game is slowly becoming the most-watched title in the entire Netflix line-up, but unfortunately, its success hasn’t been good for everyone, and a South Korean company has filed a lawsuit.

But who and why did Netlix’s hit show Squid Game poke their eye out? It was the South Korean internet and server provider SK Broadband that launched the attack on Netflix, in order to make it pay for its increased network costs. The huge demand for the series has sent internet network congestion skyrocketing in the country, a spokesman for SK said on 1 October. In the wake of the unquestionable success of the series, a Seoul court also ruled that it would be appropriate for mega-corporation Netflix to contribute something to the operators’ expenses if it already uses their networks.

Due to the huge demand, prices suddenly started to rise, while significant maintenance was needed to keep the servers up and running. That’s why SK Broadband wants the money from Netflix, saying the content provider is responsible for the shows it provides access to using other people’s networks.

If the claim goes through, Netflix will be forced to cover those costs, which amount to roughly 27.2 billion South Korean won (~$23 million USD) just to cover the damage caused in 2020, Reuters reports.

But how did Netflix react to this?

Netflix has said it will investigate the complaints that SK Broadband has filed with the court. At the same time, it is seeking open dialogue and cooperation with SK Broadband to guarantee the best possible experience for users of its streaming programmes in the countries served by both companies.

So when is the next season of Squid Game?

Still no word on the premiere date for the second season of Squid Game. The writer and director of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, has expressed his delight at the success of his series. However, the creative process has been very long and stressful, something he does not want to repeat anytime soon, as he revealed to Variety magazine in the US.

The director also admitted that he is not a very good team player, but he is trying to change his working habits. Anyway, if there is a sequel, we’ll probably have to wait a long time to see it…


Source : Marca Claro México

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