Will EA Sports FC Be The New Name For FIFA Games?

FIFA-series: Electronic Arts announced a few days ago that it is looking into the possibility of renaming the most successful franchise. The European trademark registration has led to speculation.


The possibility of a new brand name for the FIFA series is becoming increasingly likely. According to a set of minutes commissioned by Electronic Arts, the company is reportedly considering EA Sports FC as the new name for the sports simulator.

As VGC (Video Games Chronicle) has revealed, the US multinational secured the rights to the trademark from both the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the UK equivalent earlier this month, providing evidence to support earlier statements by EA Sports CEO Cam Weber.

“We are investigating the idea of rebranding EA Sports football games. We are reviewing our rights agreement with FIFA, which remains separate from the other sponsorship and licensing agreements we have in the world of football,” he said less than a week ago.



EA Sports FC may not necessarily be the new name for the FIFA saga and could be another deal of a completely different nature or direction, so this information should be treated with caution. After all, the simulator already had an app on iOS and Android mobiles called EA Sports Football Club a few years ago, which was linked to the PC and console video game, and which may now be revived.

But it’s another sign that Electronic Arts is interested in looking for new brands for one of the most profitable franchises in the industry, something Konami has already done this year with eFootball, bidding farewell to Pro Evolution Soccer. We also recently learned that FIFA 22 had topped the UK sales charts despite several new editions.

Source: VGC

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