Avowed Will Be “Obsidian’s Version Of The Elder Scrolls”, and It Will Not Disappoint RPG Fans

According to a journalist who has taken a first look at it, Avowed could present news at the Game Awards.


We have many questions related to Avowed. With a first trailer that made us fall in love, the next Obsidian game seemed to be far from bringing us news. However, the developer has already warned that they would soon give more information about its title, which has already begun through details that put the adventure as if Obsidian made his version of The Elder Scrolls.

This was expressed by Jez Corden, a journalist at Windows Central, in an exclusive with which he explains some first impressions of Avowed, which is still far from over. In this sense, the article’s author has been surprised with anything new Obsidian and will follow the trail of their universe of Pillars of Eternity to present an RPG first-person shooter set in a medieval and magical context.

But the sensations go beyond this since the same journalist claims to have been playing something so unique from Obsidian that it could be considered a mix of The Outer Worlds and Pillars of Eternity, resulting in a new world out of the imagination of the developer. Since following the classic trends of RPGs, Avowed would allow us to use many classes and experiment with different game techniques.

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In this sense, the journalist has found similarities with other games that move entirely away from copying to find their way in Avowed. For example, the character classes will be complemented by a combat style typical of The Elder Scrolls with the possibility of using two-handed weapons. But this will not leave out the lovers of magic since the essence of Pillars of Eternity is also collected with genuine spells like lightning that will fry all the enemies that get in our way.

In addition, all attacks, both magical and physical, will affect beyond the character and the NPCs, since Avowed will have a destructible scenario with which we can experiment through multiple weapons and movements, such as powerful kicks or shield blows, and “mountains of spells in a gigantic list” that will allow forging a sorcerer to our measure.

Continuing with the inspirations of The Elder Scrolls, Avowed will take advantage of the classic RPG components of that franchise to incorporate them into a much more colourful world. What will leave pictures like “caves of luminescent mushrooms, green forests flooded with gigantic flora and huge temples illuminated by the sun with depths and tombs infested with skeletons”. In other words, a game that will delight every RPG lover.


However, when it comes to storylines and world size, Corden can’t help but speculate. Based on his feelings about the game, he is not clear if he will follow the pattern of The Elder Scrolls with the open worlds or if he will prefer a system like the one used in The Outer Worlds, which connects areas. Despite this, the journalist thinks that the game’s narrative will have a fundamental role since “it is one of the strongest points of the study.”

Although only with these words, Avowed looks wonderful; Corden assures that the game will improve its visual quality since he has played a version that still does not have dances of lights or some textures, so he does not show images of his experience to avoid speculation. However, we may be facing one of the most powerful releases of Obsidian.


Finally, the journalist follows in the wake of the developer and relieves the community by confirming that we will soon know more about the game. In this sense, Corden thinks that Obsidian could give more information about its title at the following Game Awards, of which we already know the official date. However, it is also likely that we will not know anything about the adventure until E3 2022. Be that as it may, Avowed promises to be an ideal experience for all passionate players of the RPG genre and, although we still do not know the release date of Avowed, we already know that it will be released on PC and Xbox Series to take advantage of the power of both platforms.

Source: Windows Central

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