Steam Bans Games Based On Blockchain Tech With NFTs, But Epic Is Ok With Adding Them To Its Store

Tim Sweeney spoke openly on social networks, mentioning games that make use of blockchain technology.


In recent times, NFTs and interchangeable non-tangible files, in general, have been experiencing a roller coaster of popularity. They have been presented in various ways, some as images or GIFs. These have value in the market and are based on technology blockchain, just like cryptocurrencies. Legendary companies in the industry like SEGA have joined the sale of these types of products, and the public’s reactions have been diverse.

While blockchain technology is presented as something promising and an advance with endless possibilities, many users are reluctant to use it and distrust the doors that open with this market and the direct and indirect impact these products can have. Amid this controversy, Steam has stepped forward to position itself against blockchain technology.

The measures by Valve have been definite, prohibiting the use of blockchain technology in the games of its store. Valve’s reasons, as has been collected by Games Industry, have to do with the fact that Steam does not allow to host items that have real value on its platform, and games developed with blockchain technology would allow the use and exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Meanwhile, Tim Sweeney has responded on his social networks to an article by The Verge in which they talked about Epic being open to the blockchain in its games. Sweeney has responded by ensuring that as long as they comply with relevant legislation and are correctly age-classified, “they will welcome innovation in the areas of technology and finance.”

Source: VG247

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