GoldenEye 007: The Mythical FPS Soon Back? An Event In Germany Gives Hope To Gamers

Released in 1997 on Nintendo 64 by Rare, GoldenEye 007 quickly became a cult game, mainly thanks to its multiplayer mode. With the Nintendo Switch Online expansion launch, which includes Nintendo 64 and MegaDrive games, many players want to replay the title.


Among these players, a slim hope has just been born thanks to an event that happened in Germany. According to Eurogamer, GoldenEye 007 has just been removed from the list of games representing “a danger for young people”. This list prevents the games concerned from being sold to minors but is revised every 25 years. For GoldenEye 007, this review occurred before the scheduled date, suggesting that a Nintendo partner, or Nintendo itself, made the request. Alongside Rare’s FPS are the English version of BloodRayne and the US version of BloodRayne 2, both of which will be getting remasters on November 18.

The arrival of these remasters, combined with the release of the Switch Online expansion containing Nintendo 64 games, allows players to imagine that GoldenEye 007 will soon join the service’s catalogue. However, nothing is certain yet. On the one hand, Nintendo hasn’t announced anything about it. On the other hand, Rare is now owned by Microsoft, while the rights of GoldenEye belong to MGM and Danjaq. Therefore, the return of GoldenEye 007 is subject to an agreement between all parties, which has not been announced for the moment in any case. We remember that the GoldenEye 25 project, which aimed to make a remake of the game, had to be stopped following a claim from the rights holders.

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