Multiversus Keeps On Leaking: It Will Indeed Be a Strong Super Smash Bros. Clone!

Warner Bros. Games can no longer stop the leaking unless the company has been doing it all along as Multiversus guerrilla marketing.


We wrote about Multiversus before, but so many things have happened, which led to us discussing the new details. We’re at a point of outright design documents are getting leaked. The leaker said even more on Discord, including the images (that are embedded from Imgur below, but if Warner deletes them, too bad, we have the pictures archived, and they can do nothing about it…). On the ResetEra forums, we can read how the Warner iteration of Super Smash Bros. will have even its gameplay close to the original.

For instance, the knockback mechanic will be the same. We’ll explain: the more damage your character has taken, the further it flies from an attack, and a too high damage percentage (it will be part of Multiversus, too) might make them fly off the map, losing a stock. This method has been there since the original Nintendo 64 Super Smash Bros. Also, Finn plays like Coin Battle (similarly to Steve in Smash, where he needs resources in a way). Shaggy is based entirely on the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme. There are no signs of Morty in Rick’s moveset, and Bugs Bunny also omitted the Big Chungus meme.

Garnet from Steven Universe and Arya from Game of Thrones are on the roster. It is significant, as it confirms that different playtesters had different, incomplete rosters. Therefore, the other leaks having other information/rosters are proven. Bat Cave, Finn’s Treehouse, and Schwifty Planet are all stages, and they have multiple variants, but it might be nothing more than the developers iterating to see which version they want,

Every alternate is a complete costume. Multiversus is still a work-in-progress, which explains how some characters have multiple ones while others have none. A few examples: Pickle Rick, OG Harley, Bizarro Superman, Cake (female cat Jake), Pirate Tom & Jerry, and Gentleman Shaggy. The voice actors change for them. Rick is projectile-heavy and uses his portal gun, leaving portals that allies can go through, but not his enemies. He also has an AoE attack that turns you into a helpless baby version of the character. Tom and Jerry are similar to Rosalina and Luma, with Jerry being Luma, except Jerry can’t be hurt. There’s an attack where Tom swings a tennis racket, and Jerry is the ball. There is an original character that is rumoured to be called Rein. A few other characters: Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Superman…

None of this is official yet, but it’s hard to come up with so many details randomly.

Source: PSL

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