The New Fable’s Developement Is Ahead Of Schedule: It’s Been Four Years In The Making

Playground Games has confirmed that they have been working on a new Fable game since 2017.



Last summer, it became official that one of Xbox’s hottest development teams was working on a new Fable game for PC and the brand’s consoles.

Now, new details have emerged about the game, which has no approximate release date yet. Specifically, Tom Golton, the studio’s lead engineer, revealed that Fable has been in development for over four years in a congratulatory message to the development team.

“4 years of working on Fable. So excited for this game,” he said in a message posted on his official Twitter account.

The fact that we don’t know any more information about the project suggests that it’s something massive, especially as it could take a few years to develop.

The Playground has christened the new open-world RPG simply as Fable, their first major venture outside of the racing genre, in which they have proven their talent on more than one occasion. To this end, they will be relying on the Forza engine and are looking to recruit more industry veterans with a background in sandbox games in general to join their team.

Source: Twitter

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