Will The Bad Guy From Mission Impossible – Fallout Return In MI 8?!

MOVIE NEWS – Great news for fans of the Mission Impossible series, and Henry Cavill, the director of Mission Impossible 8, is thinking of resurrecting the character.



Mission Impossible 8 director Christopher McQuarrie has hinted at a possible resurrection of Henry Cavill’s character in a portrait article for The Hollywood Reporter, saying that Mission Impossible – Fallout’s main villain August Walker, aka John Lark (and his glorious moustache), could be back on screen in the upcoming action sequel. Despite Cavill’s two-faced CIA agent seemingly being a total corpse at the end of the film, McQuarrie has now declared that “there’s no such thing as death” in the Mission: Impossible movies, leaving the door open for Walker to, well, walk back into the franchise (sorry).

“I’m in the process of rewriting [Mission Impossible 8] right now, this afternoon I could turn a page and any actor from the past could come back. There is no such thing as death in movies, only unavailability”.

Cavill was so good as the main villain that fans of the Mission: Impossible series have been upset ever since his character was written out of the series. We can agree that it’s not usual to survive being hit in the head by a giant safety hook and then falling into the abyss after the explosive payload – as happened to Cavill’s character – but we know that in these movies, there is no such thing as impossible. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Christopher McQuarrie will have his work cut out to explain this miraculous resurrection if it ever takes place.

Not to mention the fact that Mission Impossible 7 will arrive before Episode 8, next September to be precise, and we do not know much about the plot of that film either. In any case, McQuarrie is directing that one too, so if we can’t say anything else, we can say that he will at least have the opportunity to set the ground for the resurrection of Henry Cavill’s character in the next film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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