Far Cry Series’ Veteran Developer, Dan Hay, Leaves Ubisoft After 10 Years

Dan Hay has been an executive producer at the company since the development of Far Cry 3.



Dan Hay, an executive producer at Ubisoft and one of the leading developers of the Far Cry franchise, has left the company after more than 10 years. Hay also served as creative director on Far Cry 5, beginning his career with the third instalment in the series.

“After more than 10 years at Ubisoft, Dan Hay has announced that he will be pursuing a new chapter in his professional life and he will be leaving on November 12,” Ubisoft said on VGC.

“While Dan has not announced where his path is taking him, we are confident that it will offer him the new challenges and experiences he seeks and deserves,” Ubisoft continued. According to the studio, Hay has assembled a fantastic, “multi-disciplined” team for one of the most popular franchises in Ubisoft’s history.

Finally, Ubisoft thanked Dan Hay for his contributions over the years and wished him well for the future. In the meantime, the Montreal team will be led by Sandra Warren, along with a group of veteran producers and directors.

Will we see Dan Hay’s name in the games industry again? For now, only he knows. In any case, the series is moving forward, with the latest episode, Far Cry 6, getting new DLC soon, which will give us control of Vaas, the famous villain (we’re still waiting for a Far Cry 6 test; we’ll be back with one soon, honest!)

Source: VGC

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