Project Midnight: A Southern US Gothic Game By The Makers Of We Happy Few?

Another Xbox Game Studios project, the Project Midnight has started to leak, and it’s not the first of its kind.


We’ve already written about Project Shaolin (it could be an RPG based on the Wu-Tang Clan). Still, there are a bunch of other projects in Microsoft’s workshops: Project Indus (Oxide Games is working on a 4X strategy), Project Cobalt (InXile is developing a steampunk RPG), Project Dragon (IO Interactive is also working on an RPG in addition to Project 007…), then there’s Pax Dei (a cloud-based MMO from Mainframe Industries), or Project Missouri, a project by Josh Sawyer of Obsidian fame, which could be based on Disco Elysium’s style…

Writing for Windows Central, Jez Corden confirmed the Project Missouri rumours: Obsidian has set the mostly combat-less, mystery-based RPG in 16th century’s Europe, where there are cascading consequences for the accusations. The title of the game is supposed to be Pentiment, a term that refers to the ‘lower layers’ of a painting, and since the aim of the story is to uncover the truth, it seems apt.

He also talked about Project Midnight. It’s developed by Compulsion Games, the makers of We Happy Few. The studio reportedly left the sixties behind to create a dark, southern gothic adventure with unique fantasy elements. It’s a more traditional, single-player, third-person project set in the southern United States, and more intriguingly, Corden has somehow come into possession of some concept art, which indeed confirms that Compulsion may undoubtedly be making a different style to its previous games.

Project Missouri/Pentiment is supposedly due for release in 2022, while Project Midnight could be a few years away from the finish line, and the Xbox Series/PC pair is the target, by definition, and maybe even a mention of Xbox One for Obsidian (PlayStation not so much… and that’s an understatement). Of course, there’s the obligatory refrain here: none of this is official yet.


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