Xbox Cloud Gaming: Launching With Game Pass On Xbox One And Xbox Series Consoles

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service is now available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and allows you to try games without installing them.



Xbox has been stoking anticipation for Xbox Cloud Gaming for months, as it was announced some time ago that we could expect its release before the end of the year. Today, Microsoft made good on its promise and officially announced the arrival of cloud gaming, a new way to play titles offered by the company through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

It should be noted that, as Xbox explains on its website, this feature is only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers for the time being, who can use it to test games before permanently installing them on their device. The company is also expanding the multiplayer options by allowing players to join their friends’ games without installing the title.

And Xbox One users will also get a further surprise, as they can now play next-gen games using Xbox Cloud Gaming. This means that Xbox One will run games such as The Medium, Recompile and The Riftbreaker through the cloud, with Microsoft Flight Simulator joining the line-up in early 2022.

So Xbox is launching a new service that has already whipped up public enthusiasm before its launch. Unsurprisingly, the company announced a few weeks ago that it had enhanced its ‘cloud’ gaming experience using Xbox X Series hardware, which has helped Xbox One outperform its capabilities. Meanwhile, the benefits of Xbox Cloud Gaming are already being tested on PC, although the feature is only available to insiders for now.

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