Daredevil Talent Grid Leaked – Could A Disney+ Reboot Be In The Works?!

MOVIE NEWS – The latest Daredevil rumour seems to confirm that the reboot is in the very early stages of development.



Is Marvel planning a Daredevil reboot or not? The question has been on the minds of many since the disappointing cancellation of the Netflix adaptation, and now a new rumour suggests that the answer is finally a possibility: the character will be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+.

The latest scoop comes courtesy of Twitter user @RPK_News1. He’s famous for publishing so-called “talent grids” – in this context, lists of possible roles for a given film – and has proven that he gets his information from pretty reliable sources more than once in the past. His latest post suggests that a Marvel Daredevil project may indeed be in the early stages of development…

While almost no other information is available at the moment, it’s certainly more than enough to get some fans excited, as they’ve been calling for the return of Daredevil for some time. The talent grid has not confirmed whether it will be a movie or a Disney+ series (though presumably the latter is more likely) or whether the MCU outing will feature a new cast or bring back Charlie Cox, as many are hoping.

Cox’s portrayal was considered by most to be a bull’s eye for the role, which is why so many regretted it when Netflix unexpectedly axed the series in 2018. The actor, in any case, has remained silent on the news of a possible character reboot.

Source: Twitter

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