Charlie Cox Warns Fans About His Return As Daredevil: “Be Careful What You Wish For”

MOVIE NEWS – Daredevil star Charlie Cox knows that Marvel fans want to see him again as the man without fear , but he cautions that it might not be for the best.


During an interview with The Pop Culture Spotlight on SiriusXM, the 38-year-old actor explained why dressing up as the Marvel hero again might not be a good idea .

“You have to be careful what you wish for.” , said Charlie Cox. “You come back and it’s not that good or it doesn’t work at all or … it’s been too long, it doesn’t come together in the same way.” .

Marvel’s Daredevil, which aired for three seasons on Netflix, received critical acclaim for its shocking fight scenes and the occasionally brutal story of Matt Murdock. Now, Charlie Cox is worried about disappointing to fans of the program .

“You don’t want to stain what you already have.” he explained. “If we never come back, you have these three great seasons, and our third season was the best critically. So the trajectory was upward. I am tremendously proud and grateful for what we have.”

Despite this, Cox admits that he would consider returning as Daredevil, as long as it is under the right circumstances . “If I had a chance to come back as Daredevil, whatever it looks like, I imagine it would be a reinvention of the character and the show.” , stated Charlie Cox. “If they choose me to do it, there will be some elements which of course will be the same . Or they can choose someone else and reset everything again.” .

Interestingly, the rights to Daredevil recently returned to Marvel Studios , making it much more likely that he will return. But while there have been rumors that Charlie Cox would return in the next Spider-Man movie: No Road Home, the actor has previously stated that he is not : “It certainly is not with my Daredevil.”, answered Cox. “I am not involved in that.” .

Whether or not Daredevil will return to the MCU remains to be seen , but it seems like Charlie Cox’s time as the man without fear may be over.

Source: Collider

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