New World Receives Harsh Criticism From Gamers [VIDEO]

The community is unhappy with the persistent bugs and lack of content in Amazon’s New World



2021 is coming to an end, and one of the names of the year is undoubtedly New World. Amazon Games’ MMORPG has left no one indifferent, although its journey has been a rollercoaster ride: it has gone from overwhelming success in its early days to a sharp drop in its player base over the last few weeks.

This drop-in of its users is due to the latest updates to the title, which have not pleased players who were expecting fixes to common bugs and more content. In fact, at the time of writing, its reviews have changed to ‘mixed’ on the game’s Steam page, with over 28,000 recent ratings that do not leave the title in a good place.

In a post on the official forum, the developers talked about the end game itself, which has received a lot of criticism for offering little more than farming and repetitive processes that become tedious. They state that they value players’ time and will implement activities and rewards, but there is still nothing that has changed the general opinion. However, this is just one of the problems Amazon is facing with the game, which has been plagued by a variety of bugs since its PC release. Despite the problems, it offers a fun experience.

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