Babylon’s Fall Recycles Final Fantasy XIV Animations And Artwork [VIDEO]

Babylon’s Fall producer and the director of Final Fantasy XIV have come out in the open following the controversy created among gamers



Babylon’s Fall has been surrounded by controversy since its unveiling, with Platinum Games’ new title receiving a barrage of downvotes on YouTube following its unveiling in June, a reception that its creators took note of, pledging to improve some of the most criticised aspects.

However, the game is not spared from controversy, and the latest one has to do with a number of development assets included in the latest beta that fans were quick to identify. Players mainly pointed out some of the pieces of equipment that were found to be virtually identical to other pieces included in Final Fantasy XIV.

The possibility that some of these resources had made their way into Babylon’s Fall through “over-inspiration” caused a stir among players, forming a controversy that Square Enix has been quick to quell. “Yes, Babylon’s Fall contains emotes and equipment taken from Final Fantasy XIV. By borrowing resources, we have been able to implement a wider variety of equipment and emotes into the game than we had originally planned,” explained Yosuke Saito, producer of Babylon’s Fall.

Final Fantasy XIV also decided to share the studio’s reasons for reusing these models. “Babylon’s Fall is a completely new title with new challenges, so we can’t give it an unlimited budget,” said Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV. “Let’s use FF XIV’s assets as well. We have so many, it would be a shame to limit it to FF XIV only.”

Square Enix has assured that those ported elements will receive subtle design changes and adjustments overseen by the FF XIV team to “ensure they fit into their world”. Despite clearing up the misunderstanding, Square Enix and Platinum Games have a lot of work to do with a game that, at the moment, leaves us feeling very cold and not very hopeful.

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