The Witcher Season 2 Introduces A Different, A More Talkative Geralt

Henry Cavill teases more depth for his character Geralt of Rivia in season 2 of The Witcher



Henry Cavill recently spoke to SFX magazine ahead of the new issue, which features The Witcher on the cover, and made it clear that Geralt will be slightly different when the new series hits Netflix on December 17.

“For this season, I wanted to push really hard to make sure [Geralt] was more verbose. … There’s always the risk of a character becoming a bit tropey and just comedic by grunting and saying the F-word, and not being representative of the talent of The Witcher series author Sapkowski. Again, I really worked very hard to make him more intellectual, have an expanded vocabulary and be representative of a guy 70-plus years old.” – said actor Henry Cavill.

The character will have more depth and tie in with other characters. “In the first season, Geralt is a person who is convinced that he doesn’t need anyone else, let alone in the long run. As a witcher, as a monster hunter, he doesn’t want to have those connections. Geralt feels like he’s being undermined,” said showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. “In season two, we make all these connections with him. For me, the most exciting thing is watching this lonely kid learn how to be a father. Seeing what he thought was good, what he thought was easy and how hard it is … For Geralt, it’s about finding surprising levels of warmth and empathy that I think we all know. “

According to Hissrich, the second season will show us the softer side of Geralt, although Cavill says the new season will simply allow viewers to see the “layers” that were still present in his character.

“I would say we get to see more of his intellectual side, which I wanted to present,” he said. “Because the first season was a special choice, he was in the outside world, and he had a special way of doing things. And [he] didn’t have the luxury of having the opportunity to engage in long dialogues that you often find in the books. I found it better to make him a listener and an observer. Now that the second season has arrived, he’s becoming a little more talkative.

The Witcher returns on December 17 on Netflix.

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