Fortnite Introduces Chapter 3, Flipped, After Chapter 2’s Epic Finale[VIDEO]

Fortnite has unveiled its Chapter 3 trailer, and it comes packed with new features



Every time Epic Games launches a massive event for Fortnite, it manages to drive players crazy with big spectacles, surprises and lots of new features. That’s what happened yesterday at the highly anticipated The End event, the epic conclusion to Chapter 2 saw us launch an offensive against The Pyramid and The Cube Queen that sent everything spiralling out of control. The events that have precipitated the end of Fornite Chapter 2 have turned everything upside down, literally. The island we’ve all come to know is turned upside down, leaving us with a new map to explore and many new ways to experience Fortnite. Epic Games has unveiled all the new features in a trailer full of surprises.

All those who participated in The End were able to grab free rewards, as usual in these events, but the most exciting part came towards the end of the raid. After battling hordes of monsters, we could see a portal open up in the sky that filled the map with ships and more enemies were launched against our defences, taking down the blue cube for good.

From there, we cut to a cinematic where The Foundation arrives to rescue Agent Jones, revealing his face, which is none other than that of Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. After the escape, events lead to a massive flood that ends with the defeat of the Cube Queen, but with the island turning over in the sea.

One of the first new features is that we will be able to earn Battle Pass EPs from modes other than Battle Royale, giving us the freedom to play whatever we want without stopping leveling up. Among the characters that will appear in the game, there will be Spider-Man and Kait Diaz and Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War series.

Fortnite Chapter 3 will also bring new abilities and gameplay mechanics. The classic ground glide will be added, allowing us to move faster while dodging enemy shots. But not only will we be able to move on the ground, but we will also be able to swing in the style of the New York wallcrawler.

Among the new mechanics is that of camps. With them, we can recover health and store items between games. The new chapter also brings new weapons and items to earn a victory, which, if maintained, will give us access to the prestigious Crown of Victory. An item that we will keep, proving that no one can take away our throne.

The new island has different areas, including The Sanctuary, the secret centre of the Seven. Spider-Man’s appearance will not be limited to his in-game appearance, the map will receive the Daily Bugle, the superhero’s territory, which will be fully themed. New weather phenomena for the island will also be included. The new Battle Pass for Season 1 of Chapter 3 will include Spider-Man, The Foundation and new original characters.

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