Saints Row Reboot Shows New Videos Of Map, Weapons, Customisation And Missions

The reboot of Saints Row recently delayed its release to summer 2022



2021 is coming to an end, and Saints Row is one of the most complicated of all the big releases that await us next year. Volition has seen its plans for the title change over the months, leaving us, at least for now, with a delay to summer 2022 as the most recent news.

However, the studio is not skimping when it comes to showing off its game. For this reason, these Christmas days, they have shared through the official accounts of the title on social networks several videos with gameplay that you can see below. It’s a combination of short cutscenes, with bits and pieces that we’ve seen before and new ones.

Among the highlights shown, we see a lot of action, making it clear that the shootouts and chases will be very important in this reboot of the series, which seeks to return to the essence of the first instalments. In addition, a special emphasis has been placed on its map, the largest to date in the franchise’s history.

Other aspects are also highlighted, such as the arsenal of weapons that we will have access to, which will have a strong customisation component. This will also affect vehicles (from cars to motorbikes to helicopters) and characters, who will be involved, apart from the main story, in side missions of all kinds, although in the clips we see there is once again too much focus on the chases.

There are plenty of short videos, so if you want to see them all, you can visit the title’s official Twitter account.

Saints Row’s new release date is marked on the calendar as 23 August 2022, when it will hit PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox X Series X|S. Its last big trailer as such was seen at The Game Awards 2021, and, from the team, they keep insisting on this return to the origins.

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