Season 3 Of Netflix’s The Witcher Is Already Written, But It’ll Be A Long Time Coming

The Witcher recently released its second season, which is getting good reviews



The Witcher series for Netflix is a mass phenomenon. Many have loved it, and others, more faithful to the books, have not liked the changes, but there is no doubt that it is a success on the platform. For yet another week, its second season leads the list of the most-watched in the company’s global top ten, with hundreds of millions of hours of viewing behind it.

So it’s no surprise that there are long-term plans for the production. In an exclusive interview with TechRadar, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich spoke about the future for the series, saying that season 3 is already written, with the script completed this December, but with the creative process yet to get underway.

Seasons 1 and 2 are setting the stage for all the great things that are going to happen,” he explains. “But the creative process has only just begun. We’ve got the script, and now we’re going to choose directors, actors, and we’re going to dig in and think about what we need to do to make sure it’s the perfect season,” he says, making it clear in the chat that we’ll have to wait to enjoy the new episodes.

Hissrich mentioned that the third season is based on his favourite book, although before that comes Blood Origin, a spin-off of the franchise that is a new statement of intent from Netflix when it comes to creating the ‘witcherverse’ it’s looking for. Read our review of The Witcher season 2 here.

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