Microsoft Is Chosen As The Best Company Of The Year, While Facebook Is The Worst Rated

Yahoo! Finance has chosen Microsoft as the best  company of 2021



2021 is over, but there are still a few highlights of what this year has left us with. On a purely video game level, an annual review by GamesIndustry left us with data on the best-selling titles but also talked about the most influential companies in the sector, with Microsoft as one of the main protagonists.

And precisely because of the prominence gained in 2021 thanks to Xbox and the video game industry, we can think that it has good reason Microsoft has been chosen as the best company of the year by Yahoo! Finance, based on its performance in the market and its achievements.

It should be made clear that this selection is decided by considering all the aspects covered by the companies and their strategies in the different sectors, so the decision is not only focused on their work in video games. We know that Microsoft is present in many fields, and proof of this is that its shares increased by around 50% in 2021, but in video games, it has experienced growth with its commitment to Xbox Game Pass and its success in next-generation consoles.

For its part, the other significant player also has its head in video games. Every December, Yahoo! Finance conducts a survey to pick the worst-performing companies of the past twelve months, and Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has had to settle for the title of the worst company of the year. The audience cites several reasons, such as bad practices within the company or the monopoly investigations they have suffered.

In video games, they have continued to focus on virtual reality with Quest 2, which has been receiving various updates over the months to improve the experience. In fact, it seems to be more than profitable commercially, as it aims to accumulate around 10 million devices sold if we take Qualcomm’s latest estimates into account.

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