The Tribes Of Horizon Forbidden West Arrive In A Spectacular New Trailer [VIDEO]

Guerrilla introduces the culture and customs of the civilisations that populate Horizon Forbidden West.



As the release of Horizon Forbidden West approaches, Guerrilla is building anticipation with information about the protagonist, deadly enemies and the world to explore. As for Aloy, we’ve already been given some combat upgrades and an expanded skill tree in the trailer, but a new trailer now shows us an essential aspect of Forbidden West, the tribes.

Different principles and customs govern each tribe.

Since Guerrilla’s game won’t force us to fight machines constantly, we’ll also have the opportunity to explore the customs of each of the clans that populate Forbidden West. Each of them is a different culture, inhabiting the same piece of land, but with very different trends and ideals, which can be seen in their daily lives and even in their perceptions of the threat to their territory.





In this sense, Aloy will most likely have to adapt his behaviour to the tribe he wishes to approach since in the Forbidden West, some civilisations are dominated by peace, music and silence, and others that see fighting and slaughter as their mainstay. And rumour has it that there is a hidden clan even more potent than anything Aloy has ever seen…

Guerrilla has already warned that Horizon Forbidden West’s developments will not only focus on the deadly power of the machines but will also be reflected in the vibrancy of the world. Clans will also be part of this development, so it’s already conceivable that the game will encourage a constant exploration of new situations and new customs. Horizon Forbidden West is still scheduled for release on 18 February, exclusively on PlayStation consoles for now.

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