Jessica Chastain Would Like A Chance In A MCU Movie

Actress Jessica Chastain is not very satisfied with her time in superhero films and wants to try again


Jessica Chastain played the villain Vuk in the film X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019), probably one of the worst of the saga and which also meant the goodbye of the mutants to their stage at FOX. Luckily, they will now return to Marvel Studios.

Jessica Chastain was the leader of the alien race D’Bari, who have the ability to shape-shift so they can infiltrate Earth undetected. They want the Phoenix Force, as it annihilated their home planet thousands of years ago. In the end, Vuk dies at the hands of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) after an epic battle.

In a recent interview, the actress has expressed her willingness to return to superhero films and play a more interesting character.

“I think that I would be more interested in playing a villain than a comic book hero because I think villains have more fun, honestly. I would love it to be a villain that’s already established in the comic books and not created, like, a new thing. And, also, I would like it to be a villain that you don’t have to sign such a long deal for. I’m a one-and-done kind of girl. So it would be great to play a character that was naughty and then would disappear.” Jessica Chastain revealed.

Despite being the villain in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, she could be in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, as she belongs to different realities and thanks to the “multiverse”, she would be easy for all fans to accept. Besides, now they will make a lot of movies where they will need big stars for their most important female characters. So it wouldn’t be unusual to see Jessica Chastain as a villain in superhero movies again.

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