Phil Spencer Spoke Of His Relationship With Activision Following Allegations Against The Company

During a recent podcast, Xbox boss Phil Spencer claimed that he had changed “certain things” in his dealings with Activision.



By now, the Activision affair that started a few months ago is well known. Following a wave of accusations against the company, another well-known industry figure has come forward, Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who has claimed that he has changed the way “certain things” are done between Activision and his own company.

“We’ve changed the way we do things with them” – Phil Spencer

His words came during a recent podcast where Spencer discussed the problem Activision faces and other topics such as Xbox Game Pass and the lack of next-gen consoles. “We’ve changed how we do things with them, and they’re aware of that,” Spencer said.

“The work we do with a partner like Activision is something that… obviously I can’t say publicly,” the Xbox boss continued. Spencer added that while he was saddened by Activision’s situation, Xbox’s history is not exactly “perfect” either.

Spencer noted that Xbox has learned to become a better company year after year, helping others rather than attacking them for their mistakes. “To any of our colleagues out there, if I can learn from them or help them on our journey at Xbox by sharing what we’ve built, I’d rather do that.”

While Microsoft has been rated the best company to work for in 2021, Activision’s hay still doesn’t seem to be looking too bright. Hundreds of employees are demanding the resignation of President Bobby Kotick, who, according to a report, was well aware of sexual misconduct and harassment at the company but chose to do nothing to address the problem.


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