PC Version Of God Of War Helped Developing Ragnarok; More Customizability Is Promised

Santa Monica is open about what they’ve learned from the port of God of War to PC.



The fantastic God of War on PC was a big hit this week – we found it downright excellent. The Santa Monica title debuted on Steam in native 4K resolution and with enhanced graphics, so PC gamers can now try out the Nordic experience that only PlayStation users have enjoyed so far.

But as good as it is, it’s not the franchise’s biggest release planned for this year, with God of War: Ragnarok, the sequel to the first instalment we discussed, arriving in 2022, and its development seems to have been well influenced by the PC port, as the Sony-owned Californian studio has openly noted.

According to statements from Santa Monica’s director of user experience and accessibility, Mila Pavlin, Ragnarok will correct some playability aspects of the saga, thanks to what was incorporated into the PC version of the title, initially released in 2018. Thanks to the improvements, new ways to make the title accessible have been explored, offering players more options and opportunities to customise the experience.

“This has really laid some groundwork for God of War: Ragnarok” – Mila Pavlin, Santa Monica

“This has really laid some groundwork,” she told PC Gamer. “A lot of accessibility features require that you change your pipeline of how you’re creating content. [The PC port] allowed us to go back in and relook at how we were actually constructing some of the underlying code.” Mila gives an excellent example of this, highlighting the auto-run feature introduced on the PC, eliminating the need to press the key in question. “A lot of players find that button specifically to be a little difficult to utilise,” she explains, referring to the L3 button on PlayStation controllers.

God of War: Ragnarok is therefore expected to be much more comfortable to control than the first instalment of the Kratos and Atreus reboot. There’s no confirmed date for the sequel beyond 2022, although a leaked snippet of information suggested the second half of the year.

Source: PC Gamer

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