Will Sony Resurrect Psygnosis?

A patinated name may return soon, Psygnosis, as Sony took a step to silence in the background.


Psygnosis was one of the UK’s most popular and successful studios in the eighties and nineties. They have been associated with several prominent franchises. They’ve worked on several franchises, such as wipEout, Lemmings, Colony Wars, and there’s a lot more to list, but then we’d probably be creating the first article on the site where we’d have to suggest two days’ worth of food to read through.

Sony took over in 2000, and the team was renamed Studio Liverpool. The company continued to run until 2012 when a game over sign finally appeared on the studio’s doorstep. However, it could change in the future as the ‘blues’ are looking very suspiciously in that direction. Sony has registered a new trademark for the Psygnosis logo, which is known to many: the owl logo is probably familiar to many people and was not only known around the PlayStation. It was also seen on the Amiga and other consoles of the time.

However, the return would not be in name only, as Sony Interactive Entertainment recently acquired FireSprite, which several ex-Psygnosis, ex-Studio Liverpool employees created. It would seem logical for FireSprite to adopt the Psygnosis name eventually. The team is a team Sony has confidence in, as we’ve heard rumours that they’re involved in the resurrection of Twisted Metal. They’re officially helping Guerrilla Games develop Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2.

And if a hopefully phoenix-like resurrection of Psygnosis does happen, the question is what the team will do. Could wipEout return? New Colony Wars? Could Puggsy, which also appeared on the SEGA Mega Drive, also return? There are a lot of possibilities in the background, so we can only speculate here as to what Sony is actually up to. We’re certainly hopeful, and right now, we’re probably right to be optimistic.

And then, in the end, we will still be disappointed.

Source: WCCFTech

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