PlayStation Controller With Hidden Sticks? Sony Patent Application Suggests So

TECH NEWS – The proposal would allow sticks to be hidden to provide more excellent protection for the PlayStation controller.



PlayStation wastes no time in surprising us with truly innovative patents. We’ve seen ideas designed to help gamers in games, and it’s also come up with proposals that seek to extend the possibilities of games even further. This time, Sony is focusing exclusively on controllers and has filed a patent that would try to protect the controller’s control stick.

The patent presents a genuinely bizarre design compared to anything seen in the industry so far

Ever had your controller’s control arms get stuck in something else? PlayStation has a solution to that problem: a controller that hides the sticks. Coindipender has reported this information, which, judging by the images accompanying the patent application, is a genuinely bizarre design compared to anything we’ve seen in the industry.





If you study the sketches a bit, you can see that PlayStation’s idea is to make the sticks retractable to avoid unexpected and frustrating entrapment situations. As is usual with registrations of this kind, this doesn’t mean that Sony is putting all its efforts into creating a new controller, as few suggestions actually make it to the players.

This is not the first time that the Japanese company has put a lot of effort into creating innovative controllers. Leaving aside those already on the market, it registered an idea for a controller that could be used to play on mobile devices in November. But perhaps the most talked-about news in this area is the patent for backwards compatibility, which in turn has been coupled with rumours of a supposed Game Pass for PlayStation platforms.

Source: Coindipender

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