Syberia: The World Before Announces PC Release Date

After a delay that pushed the new Syberia game to 2022, Kate Walker’s story is coming to Steam, Epic Games and GOG.



The Syberia saga has become a benchmark within the adventure game genre. Thanks to the imagination of Benoit Sokal, a story has been born that is now entering its fourth episode with Syberia: The World Before; we’ve already seen some trailers for the game, which capture the atmosphere of the series quite well. Now Microids is preparing to release the title by setting a PC release date.

Kate Walker’s adventure continues from 18 March via Steam, Epic Games and GOG

After announcing the delay, which pushed the release to 2022, the development team says they’re making the most of the extra time: “We wanted to deliver the best possible experience and pay massive homage to the epic adventure of Kate Walker, as imagined by Benoit Sokal. These extra weeks have allowed Koalabs studio and our team to confidently deliver the game we deserve.”

As fans of the franchise can imagine, Syberia: The World Before invites us on a journey filled with puzzles, environments to explore and interactive characters. After all, it is one of the series that represents the essence of adventure games, so a fourth instalment would not change these fundamental aspects of the genre.

Adventure games, of course, have not only challenging puzzles but also a story that can keep you immersed for hours. This will also be the case with Syberia, which will use Kate Walker’s wanderings to entertain us with dialogue, quests and, of course, puzzles.

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