The Clown of IT: Bill Skarsgård Plays the Gangster Linked to Stockholm Syndrome in Netflix’s Clark [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The Netflix series Clark follows the life of Swedish “star gangster” Clark Olofsson, played by Bill Skarsgård, the biopic series star known as the clown in the Stephen King horror films IT.


Netflix has released the first teaser for the upcoming miniseries Clark, a Swedish drama based on the life of a notorious criminal and gangster, Clark Olofsson. The teaser focuses on Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of the charming and charismatic Olofsson while promising a gripping story of crime, sex, truth and lies. The story, divided into six episodes, will be directed by Jonas Åkerlund, acclaimed director of the Grammy-winning musical film Paul McCartney: Live Kisses. The film is an adaptation of Olofsson’s autobiography Vafan ver det som hände.

Olofsson has always been an active criminal and has been convicted of crimes such as assault, robbery, drugs and attempted murder. He spent most of his life in and out of various prisons in Sweden. His career took a significant turn during his involvement in the Norrmalmstorg robbery in 1973.

The robbery was attempted by Olofsson’s cellmate, Jan-Erik Olsson, who was involved in the incident with Olofsson during the hostage negotiations. However, while in custody, the hostages became friends with their captors, particularly Olofsson. Olofsson was exonerated and became a media sensation because of his support from the hostages, eventually becoming a famous gangster.

Notably, the Norrmalmstorg kidnapping, which featured an unusual hostage crisis, gave rise to the term Stockholm Syndrome, a condition suggesting that a psychological bond develops between captors and hostages under certain exceptional circumstances. There is a reference to the case in the trailer for the series, as Skarsgård as Clark Olofsson claims that the term should have been called Clark Olofsson syndrome.

Although the series included a hint at the most prominent part of Clark’s life, the series also showed how he grew throughout his life into the notorious criminal he later became. As promised in the subtitle, the teaser presented a mix of genres such as crime, erotica and drama, with comedy as the primary approach to depicting Olofsson’s adventurous and engaging lifestyle as a criminal.


Director Jonas Åkerlund says Bill Skarsgård is perfect as Clark Olofsson.

In What’s On Netflix, director Jonas Åkerlund praised Bill’s performance and shed some light on the history of the series.

[Clark] [Olofsson] is about his whole life and what made him who he is, about the truth and lies of his incredible career. Bill Skarsgård is a perfect fit for this and will bring Stockholm Syndrome into the role. And Netflix is ​​the ideal platform for the most excellent streaming service and having the courage to tell this incredible story.

The teaser has not revealed the exact date the series was streamed, but it is expected to be available somewhere around mid-2022 on Netflix. In addition to Bill Skarsgård, the series also includes Agnes Lindström Bolmgren, Wilson Gonzalez, Adam Lundgren, Alicia Agneson, Malin Levano, Vilhelm Blomgren, Hanna Björn, Gediminas Vilaniskis and Vikte Simukauskiene.

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