Here is Better Call Saul’s Final Season Trailer, With A Hint At The Premiere Date [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – A new teaser for Better Call Saul features the return of the Salamanca twins, and some fans say the premiere date has been hidden in the footage…



We finally got a glimpse at the final season of Better Call Saul, and if all is true, AMC even hid a possible premiere date in the video. It’s long been rumoured that the sixth and final season of the Breaking Bad spinoff would arrive in the early months of 2022. AMC has now released some new footage from the upcoming season, showing Marco and Leonel Salamanca arriving at their family camp after the bloodbath seen at the end of season 5. You can find the teaser at the end of this article on AMC’s Twitter account.

The accompanying text for the trailer says “mark your calendars,” which is odd because there’s not a word about a date

Some fans believe they’ve figured it out based on the location markers clearly shown in the clip, which could be a subtle way of revealing when the series will return. On the left of the screen is the letter “D”, and on the right is a letter “R”. The D is the fourth letter of the alphabet, while the R is the eighteenth, leading some fans to wonder if Better Call Saul will return on April 18. That would make sense, as it coincides with the broader period when the series is scheduled to premiere, and April 18 happens to fall on a Monday when AMC usually airs new episodes.

Previously, the network announced that Better Call Saul would end with its upcoming sixth season. That’s unfortunate for fans who aren’t happy to see the series end, but the good news is that the final season will have 13 episodes, which is three more than the ten episodes that were common in previous seasons. That’s one season longer than the parent series, Breaking Bad, which ended after five seasons on AMC.

It is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that Better Call Saul has gotten better with each season, and if this trend continues, the sixth and final season will be the strongest of all. It is questionable what they can do with all the story threads that need to be wrapped up in season 6: they would have to bridge the gap to where Breaking Bad begins simultaneously; and tell what happens to Saul Goodman, aka Jimmy McGill, in the present timeline where he was discovered while living under a new identity.

In any case, we are eagerly awaiting the final season; we’ll see what happens on April 18…

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