The Halo Series for Paramount+ is Being Threatened by the Former Composers of the Series!

MOVIE NEWS – A legal dispute between Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori and Microsoft threatens the release of the Halo series.


It seems the dispute between Microsoft and the composers of saga titles such as Halo and Destiny is far from over. At the end of last year, we were faced with a surprising situation when Marty O’Donnell, one of the industry’s most respected composers, was forced to publish a video asking users to destroy all the music he had distributed to them without permission.

This time, Marty O’Donnell, along with Halo: Combat Evolved composer Mike Salvatori, is demanding royalties for more than two decades of allegedly unpaid royalties. The lengthy Eurogamer article cited by Gamesindustry refers to a lawsuit filed in June 2020 in which the composers accuse the company of failing to give them proper credit and compensation for their work on the first Master Chief video game.

The composers are demanding royalties for some of the iconic soundtracks of the video games, which they would have licensed to Bungie before Microsoft acquired the studio in 2000. Although Microsoft paid for the works, O’Donnell and Salvatori say the company was not transparent about the sales to ensure that royalties were accurate.

The allegations in the lawsuit against Microsoft include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty to develop the joint venture’s royalty revenues, breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing, and unjust enrichment. Ha a zeneszerzők nem jutnak megállapodásra a Microsofttal a jövő hétre tervezett közvetítés során, az ügy bíróság elé kerülhet.

Ez a helyzet tovább bonyolítaná az ügyet, és közvetett áldozatot követelhetne, mivel a zeneszerzők jogi csapatát arra utasították, hogy próbálják meg előzetesen megakadályozni a Halo sorozat megjelenését a Paramount+ számára egy tiltó végzéssel . A Pablo Schreiber által játszott Master Chief új kalandjainak premierje március 24-én lesz. Among the many disagreements between the composers and Microsoft is the lack of authentication of new versions of the original tracks heard in Halo Infinite.

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