Halo Infinite Speedrun In Half An Hour On Legendary? “Hold My Beer, Please”, This Gamer Said [VIDEO]

The Halo Infinite speedrunner has demonstrated impressive abilities, completing the Legendary difficulty level in 29 minutes, right before the developers.



Master Chief’s latest grand adventure, Halo Infinite, is a spiritual reboot of the entire series, a game that adds exciting gameplay elements to the saga, such as John-117’s new armour hook, a tool that speedrunners have already spotted. A community of players racing against time to finish their favourite games has become a way of life and an alternative way of enjoying video games.

This passionate hobby has given rise to a video series that IGN has been running for some time called “Developers React”, in which developers from various studios react to the exploits of speedrunners while watching their games live. This time, Halo Infinite was featured in the video, with Sasquatch‘s impressive 29-minute speedrun.

Sasquatch uses various cracks in the game to achieve his goal

343 Industries’ Mika Little, Gameplay Designer, Brian Traugott, Level Design Lead and Caleb Doughty, Game Designer, react in the video. The video demonstrates how Sasquatch manages to achieve this impressive result by using glitches and cracks in the game to progress as quickly as possible, as well as demonstrating excellent game mastery.

We recently saw how another speedrunner completed the challenging SIFU in 40 minutes without dying. When it comes to achieving their goal by hacking as much of the game as possible, some communities of speedrunners have spent years scouring every nook and cranny to hunt down bugs that can shave seconds off their time. One of the most surprising cases was The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which they completed in 2 minutes 33 seconds! [I should note that I did Oblivion pretty fast myself back in the day: I didn’t even put 700 hours into it…]

Source: IGN

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