Gran Turismo 7 May Get A B-Spec Mode Controlled By State-Of-The-Art Artificial Intelligence “Sophy” [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, Sony announced Gran Turismo Sophy, a new cutting-edge, machine-powered artificial intelligence that will eventually be incorporated into Gran Turismo 7.



Gran Turismo 7‘s new AI should be able to compete with even the most skilled human players. This certainly sounds interesting, but Sony has not given many details about how it will be integrated into the game in practice.

Well, in a new interview with GTPlanet, Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi revealed a few more details, including the possibility of a new Sophy-based B-Spec mode…

“Sophy will probably appear in front of the player in three forms.”

“As a teacher that will teach driving to players, a student that will learn sportsmanship from players, and as a friend to race with. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a B-Spec mode, where the player is the race director and Sophy is the driver.”

“By principle, it is possible to use Sophy for the balance of performance settings. If it’s just to align the lap times of different cars, it’s already possible to do that now. But because the BoP settings aren’t just about lap times, we wouldn’t just leave it all to Sophy, but certainly she will be a help in the creation of BoPs.”

For those who don’t know, B-Spec is a unique Gran Turismo mode that plays almost like a turn-based battle, with players choosing the commands and the game doing the actual racing. It might sound a bit odd, but it’s been a popular option in previous GT games, and we can definitely imagine Sophy making it even more enjoyable. In other Gran Turismo 7 news, Sony has released a “Virtual to Reality” trailer showing how the Willow Springs Raceway version of the game is impressively close to the actual track…

Gran Turismo 7 will be released on March 4 for PS4 and PS5. It’s unknown when Sophy AI will be added to the game, but it will be sometime after launch.


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