Sandra Bullock: Something Happened to Her Leg

MOVIE NEWS – If you run in the jungle in high heels for three months, your feet will mention it. “I think my bones have moved,” says Sandra Bullock , who spent an entire season among the lianas filming The Lost City . “When I got back to civilization, I couldn’t walk in flat heels, I had to learn again what it’s like to walk on the sidewalk in sneakers.

However, the main embellishment of Bullock ‘s wardrobe was a sequined, fuchsia coverall that has almost become the protagonist of the film. “Animal stupid wear during a jungle adventure, but that was the joke,” the Oscar-winning actress continues. “Anyway, I loved it because it was good to move in, it didn’t crack when I had to climb a tree.

The protagonist of Lost City is a writer who produces romantic adventure novels. He goes into the jungle with a model ( Channing Tatum ) who would be on the cover of his new novel. However, photography takes an unexpected turn when they are kidnapped by an obsessed millionaire ( Daniel Radcliffe ) who thinks the writer knows where to find an ancient relic that the heroine’s late archaeologist husband has already discovered. An ex-commando ( Brad Pitt ) rushes to help the kidnappers and the kalamajka starts.

Anyone who has seen the movie says it’s obviously a lot of fun to let go of this romantic comedy: Bullock and Tatum brings the two lonely people to each other without manners, takes the figure to Pitt Zen Buddhist, and Radcliffe , who, despite worrying signs, doesn’t get caught up in Harry Potter, admits that for the first time in his life.

( The Lost City – Home Premiere: April 21, 2022 .)

Source: UIP Duna Film

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