Wreckfest Returns: The Derby Continues On Nintendo Switch, Here’s The Trailer & Release Date! [VIDEO]

Wreckfest offers old-fashioned racing on Nintendo Switch as the heir to classics like FlatOut and Destruction Derby.



Nintendo Switch motorsport fans are in luck, with THQ Nordic stepping on the accelerator again after previous PC and console releases to bring us the vibrant Bugbear racing game to the Nintendo hybrid. Wreckfest has unveiled its Nintendo Switch version with a trailer and release date.

Wreckfest will be released for Nintendo Switch on June 21.

When it comes to classic, speed-and-derby-your-car style wreck derby games, we haven’t forgotten about Wreckfest. Its carefree races know how to balance a certain fastidiousness in handling with on-track strategy, which makes for a good calibration of some of the crashes on which the gameplay is built.





The first two seasons of the game arrive with the new release


This is the spiritual heir to FlatOut, which will delight those who enjoyed the chaos of games like, say, Destruction Derby. Luckily we won’t have to wait long to burn the wheel; Wreckfest is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 21 this year, with an official price of €39.99, and has already left us the first images of the hybrid version in this preview trailer.

As shared by GamingBolt, the Nintendo Switch version will run at 30 FPS, will feature 16-player multiplayer modes in addition to offline modes, two seasons of add-on content: 20 vehicles from the first season, 12 from the second, and various customisation packs. Bugbear’s game feels like something from another era, but in the best sense of the word: a game that takes inspiration from the classics but with its own unique personality. A powerful soundtrack and an artificial intelligence that doesn’t give us pause provides this fantastic racing game with its zest.

Source: GamingBolt

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