Fortnite: All Proceeds Go To Ukraine’s Humanitarian Aid For Two Weeks!

Epic Games announced that anything the company earns from Fortnite for two weeks would be sent to help the Ukrainians.


Their announcement reveals that the two weeks run from March 20 to April 3, and Microsoft joins in via the Microsoft Store by providing the revenue generated from there if it’s Fortnite-related. The money will go to the following humanitarian relief organizations: Direct Relief, UNICEF, United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP), UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Here’s a Q&A by Epic Games: “How quickly is Epic Games sending the funds to the relief organizations? As soon as we can. We’re not waiting for the actual funds from our platform and payment partners, which can take a while depending on how the transaction was processed. As transactions are reported, we’ll log them and send the funds to the humanitarian relief organizations within days.

What purchases count towards supporting people affected by the war in Ukraine? All real-money Fortnite purchases made between March 20, 2022, and April 3, 2022, will be distributed. It includes V-Buck packs, Fortnite Crew, gifted Battle Passes, and cosmetic packs such as the Voidlander Pack sold for real money. Retail store purchases of in-game cosmetics and V-Bucks cards will also be included if they are redeemed during this window.

Using V-Bucks in Fortnite will not be included as those are not real-money purchases. 100% of Epic’s Fortnite proceeds equal the gross purchase price of all Fortnite in-game purchases or retail purchase redemptions transacted between March 20, 2022, and April 3, 2022, from sales worldwide, excluding taxes, third-party platform fees, refunds, returns, or reversals. Microsoft is contributing net proceeds from all sales of Fortnite content on Microsoft Store between March 20, 2022, to April 3, 2022, in all countries where Fortnite is sold. Net proceeds are equal to the gross proceeds net of returns & chargebacks, billing costs, bandwidth cost, operations cost, and taxes.

I’m a Fortnite Crew member. Does my subscription get included in the proceeds? Funds will be included from existing or re-activated Fortnite Crew subscription renewals processed between March 20, 2022, through April 3, 2022. Any new Fortnite Crew subscription sign-ups between March 20, 2022, through April 3, 2022, will also count towards relief funds,” Epic wrote.

Respectable from both Epic Games and Microsoft. Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 2 started yesterday. Nice timing.

Source: WCCFTech

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