Elden Ring Player Finishes Bosses Easily On Level 713 [VIDEO]

Elden Ring and FromSoftware are famous for difficult games. However, if one takes the time to max out all possible skills, the enemies can easily fall around them.


That Elden Ring is a challenging game is nothing new, especially coming from Hidetaka Miyazaki, who has made difficulty one of FromSoftware’s hallmarks. Those of you who are already traversing the Midlands will have seen what it’s like to take on the game’s imposing bosses.

That’s why it’s so amazing to see how the game can be a real joyride with your character at max level. YouTube user AshesWolf has shared a video of him taking on the game’s bosses with his character at level 713. In case you’ve noticed, this video obviously contains max level SPOILERS and gives away the game’s bosses.



In the video we can see how AshesWolf has raised all his attributes to max level and is about to play an NG+ game, the second round of the game. The result is surprising and, let’s not deny it, also quite satisfying. His character barely needs a few attacks and in just a few seconds, even the most challenging opponents fall without any problems.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen amazing videos from Elden Ring players, some like the first no-hit of the game by the Spanish player, Bushido, make the game look much simpler than it might seem. In the speedrunner community we have also had some impressive feats such as that of the player Nico Bellic, completing the adventure in just two and a half hours and without dying.

Source: Esports Extras

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