The Working Title Of Godzilla Vs Kong Sequel Is Said To Be Son of Kong

MOVIE NEWS – New details about the working title of the Monsterverse’s next film have cast doubt over Godzilla’s role in the film.



Following the recent revelation that filming on the Godzilla vs Kong sequel will begin in Australia later this year, the first hint of what could be the second meeting of the two giants seems to be hinted at in the film’s working title Son of Kong. While Godzilla’s previous Hollywood iteration failed to ignite the box office and win over critics and audiences, the latest film series, which launched in 2014, proved to be a huge box office success, which in turn led to the eventual merger of the Godzilla vs Kong monster series.

Although the film was finally released at the height of the Covid epidemic, it performed well at the box office…

… it was a massive hit for HBO Max and became one of the most pirated films of 2021, suggesting that a sequel was inevitable.

While there were supposedly always plans to continue the story, there were no teasers or post-credits scenes when Godzilla vs. Kong was released to make that a certainty, but Warner Bros. didn’t wait too long to make a decision on the future of the franchise.

The film is indeed in development, and the aim is to start filming within a few months; there is no actual confirmation that the film will feature Godzilla and Kong as it is simply being called a “new Monsterverse film” and the working title Son of Kong may disappoint those who were expecting another monster clash between the two icons.

Production Weekly has reported that the sequel’s working title will be Son of Kong, which has led to much speculation as to whether the film will focus on both giant monsters or whether it will be a Kong film after he returns to the Hollow Earth.

With Warner Bros. seemingly in no hurry to clarify things, it may be a while before the truth comes out about the Monsterverse sequel.

The first Son of Kong was released in 1933, just nine months after the original King Kong film, and the idea that the new movie would take any part of the plot from that film doesn’t hold water, as Kong: Skull Island already covered much of the action presented there. In addition, the Monsterverse didn’t actually include the original King Kong story, which ended with the great ape dying in New York – and which was a sequel to Son of Kong.

Of course, it’s been suggested that Godzilla might get his own Monsterverse TV series on Apple TV+, which might explain why a movie would focus on Kong. How all of this will come to fruition and who, if anyone from the Monsterverse so far will return for this latest adventure will be anyone’s guess for a while until Warner Bros. decides to share their plans for the next step in the Godzilla/Kong universe.

Source: Production Weekly

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