Halo And The Witcher Publish Cookbooks

We are witnessing another fusion of the culinary arts and video games through The Witcher and Halo.


“These dishes celebrate local and seasonal ingredients, while adding unique twists that create a culinary map of the continent and beyond,” says The Witcher Cookbook.

The culinary arts and the video game world have been meeting for a long time. One version of this is when adventures combine ingredients to create the items needed to survive in the game. The other is when the world of gaming inspires cookbooks.

The Witcher Cookbook is published in a 250-page hardcover English edition. Inspired by the world of CD Projekt RED, this book contains around 80 recipes inspired by the video game series, from pub grub to elegant lunches.

The book, acquired by Anita Sarna and Karolina Krupecka, will be released on 25 October for $35.

Halo also wants to reach all fans. With the premiere of Paramount+’s hit series adaptation already hitting TV sets in many countries around the world, 343i and Xbox have also targeted kitchens: the Halo: The Official Cookbook’s 192 pages contain more than 70 recipes for every occasion, from takeaway snacks to sumptuous meals. The author of the hardcover book is Victoria Rosenthal, author of several similar publications dedicated to Destiny, Fallout, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy XIV. The publication will be released on August 16 and will be available for $39.99.

The latest announcement in the Halo franchise hasn’t gone down well with some fans, who have been complaining to 343i about the lack of news about Halo Infinite in recent weeks. For more on the game, check out our Halo Infinite review. As for The Witcher, news recently broke that a new era in the franchise’s development is about to begin.

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