Epic Games Store Has Some Great New Games Available For Free!

Players can download one classic and one lesser-known but interesting title for free this week from the Epic Games Store.



The good news is that once again, we have two fresh free games to add to our Epic Games Store library! From the parents of Fortnite, the store is renewing its incentives and inviting players to download Firaxis’ acclaimed strategy game XCOM 2 for free, as well as Insurmountable, an original and challenging game that combines rogue-lite elements with climbing.

XCOM 2 needs no special introduction as it is one of the best titles in its genre.

In short, it offers players the chance to take control of the resistance in a new battle against alien invaders. In the case of Insurmountable, we are faced with a title with a rather original mission: to take on the role of a lone climber in a video game where dungeon exploration and adventure include the possibility of permanent death and where we must climb challenging and unique peaks, making life-changing decisions in a matter of seconds.


Download XCOM 2 for free from the Epic Games Store until April 21!

Download Insurmountable for free from the Epic Games Store until April 21!


Store users can grab both offerings for free until next Thursday, April 21. After that, new incentives will be added to the store for Unreal Engine fans: Riverbond, an action-adventure game set in the world of voxels, to be enjoyed in co-op. In the store, users will also be able to try the brilliant Anno 1800 for free, albeit temporarily.

Source: Epic Games Store

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