Playdate: Delivery Of The Hand Cranked Handheld Console Has Started [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – In addition to the launch plans, Panic also offers new developer tools for Playdate.



Once you’ve met it, you won’t forget it, but if you don’t know it, here’s Playdate: a portable console launched in 2019 that tries to put indie video games in the hands of gamers in a very original way: it comes with titles specifically designed for the platform, which features a hand crank, as another control method.


Deliveries have already started


After three years and an intervening delay, the machine slowly arrives in users’ homes, with deliveries starting this month. Panic confirmed on Twitter that Group One pre-orders would begin this week, and deliveries are expected to be completed next month.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, watch your email for confirmation. They say they will gradually increase the volume of deliveries once they confirm that Playdate is running smoothly; Group Two will have to wait a little longer for updates.

It brings in some extra features, such as real-time screen sharing

The console also brings new features for developers, as you can see in a video they shared. In addition to tools such as the browser, they also provide some extra options for the users themselves, such as real-time screen sharing.

As for games, you can check out the official list of all the games included, although there may be more – like Doom, which runs beautifully on it. The main feature of the game makers is that they have some of the big names in the world of independent development, such as the creator of one of the most prominent titles of recent years, Return of the Obra Dinn.

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