A PlayStation Boss Hinted At A FromSoftware acquisition, Then Denied It!

The logic is a little hard to follow unless the person has been told by her superiors that it wasn’t the time to talk about the situation yet…


So the person in question, who may have blundered too much, would be Shawne Benson. She’s the director and global head of the third-party portfolio at PlayStation, so she always has a finger on the pulse of what’s going on between Sony and third-party developers and publishers. Therefore, she is likely to know what companies PlayStation Studios might be expanding with in the future.

The whole thing was sparked by Benson posting a photo of herself on Twitter standing next to a statue from Elden Ring. It caused such a stir on the internet that she had to explain herself nine and a half hours later: “To put this to bed… I’m just a huge fan of the game. It was my first day back in the office, and I saw the statue near my coworker’s desk. Nothing more! As a reminder, my remit is on third party content acquisitions. Not studios. That’s a different team!”

The closest thing to this is that Sony has entered into a capital alliance with Kadokawa, which happens to be the parent company of FromSoftware. But that’s all: there is a capital alliance between two Japanese companies, but that doesn’t mean that Sony has acquired Kadokawa. And the rumours didn’t mention that the studio, known worldwide for its Souls games (they’ve done other things, too: the Armored Core series, for example…), was coming under the PlayStation banner, and Benson must have some information about the acquisition plans because colleagues can share details like that over a lunch break…

On the other hand, Sony has already announced that more acquisitions are coming later this year, and we’ve heard that there could be some big names (Konami or Capcom, if you had to guess), but that’s all at the moment. All will become clear in time.

Source: PSL

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