The Game: a Hungarian Spy Thriller Set in the 1960s – the Trailer is Here [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The trailer for the new Hungarian spy film A játszma (The Game) is out. The Game will debut in Hungarian cinemas on 9 June, distributed by InterCom.


A játszma is the sequel to A vizsga (The Exam), the iconic thriller that became a cult film both at home and abroad, and the unforgettable characters of the iconic thriller return to the screen in the roles of János Kulka, Zsolt Nagy, Gabriella Hámori and Péter Scherer. Viktória Staub joins the big team as the new lead actress.

The story of The Game is set in Budapest in 1963. State security officer András Jung (Zsolt Nagy) has a perfect life: he lives happily with his wife Eva (Gabriella Hámori) and the only thing holding him back from promotion is a rival colleague, Kulcsár (Péter Scherer). When the legendary spy Pál Markó (János Kulka) emerges from the past in connection with a cold case, a turn of events begins and a ruthless duel begins, where no one and nothing is what it seems and a single human gesture can cost you your life.

The Game is produced by Film Positive with the support of the National Film Institute. Produced by Tamás Lajos (Eternal Winter, The Bernese Envoy, Tiny Tales), directed by Péter Fazakas (Traitors, Freedom – A Separate Passage), the screenplay was written by Norbert Köbli (Eternal Winter, Trezor, The Bernese Envoy, The Exam). András Nagy (Örök türm, Félvilág) is the cinematographer, Zoltán Kovács is the editor, Asher Goldschmidt is the composer, Petra Vinnai is the visual designer, and Tünde Kemenesi is the costume designer.

Source: Intercom

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