You Can Turn A Toy Controller Into A Working Xbox Controller! [VIDEO]

Human creativity knows no bounds: surely Fisher-Price, the toy controller’s manufacturer, didn’t expect such a thing…


Rudeism is known for creating bizarre controllers. Now, he’s reworked a Fisher-Price Game & Learn controller into an Xbox one. This controller does the same thing as a regular one while retaining its original capabilities. It gives off those almost annoying sound effects when you play.

Yes, but there’s one thing we should remember. Fisher-Price’s product has only one analogue stick and only two buttons on top of the controller instead of four. The Start, Select and Xbox Guide buttons are missing. How does it work? The secret lies in the yellow slider, which can be used as a replacement for either the left or right analogue stick. Previously, it was used to switch between the educational and musical sounds, so it’s a pretty fiddly solution. And the two triggers can be tilted left and right, so the two triggers can function as four (LT, LB, RT, RB).

It still poses technological limitations. For example, you can’t use the two analogue sticks simultaneously, so games in the twin-stick shooter genre would be unplayable with this controller. Also, the trigger buttons don’t have an analogue input, so you cannot achieve 100% efficiency, but that’s not a negligible achievement.

It isn’t the first time the Fisher-Price Game & Learn controller has surfaced in the news, shown for a different reason in late 2018. The manufacturer of the product had included the Konami code. It emits a secret “You win!” sound effect when you punch it in. And that’s not all: Seamus Blackley, the original Xbox designer, praised Rudeism’s work on Twitter. He named it BabyDuke, a reference to the nickname of the original Xbox controller, the Duke.

Rudeism is now trying to figure out how he can speedrun with this Frankenstein controller to support the Awesome Games Done Quick event (which raises money for charity, with many players running through games in record time).

Source: VGC

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