Is A New Sly Cooper In The Making?! Sucker Punch Tweeted Something Curious

It looks like there’s a new Sly Cooper game coming, after all, at least the recent job posting from Sucker Punch is a pretty clear indication.



Good news for Sly Cooper fans! Sucker Punch has recently published two job ads. The first one is for a Senior Multiplayer Systems Designer position and says they’re looking for someone who “reads though board game instruction manuals as if they were spy thrillers.” If the spy thriller innuendo wasn’t enough, it goes on to say, “Do you look through the rule set and instantly see opportunities for betrayals?”

Well, if you’re an avid fan of the Sly Cooper franchise, then two phrases should be pretty familiar to you.

For one, there’s the spy thriller innuendo, which is pretty synonymous with the franchise. The Sly Cooper games fall into the stealth platformer genre, so it’s entirely possible that this spy thriller could be none other than Sly Cooper himself.

Likewise, the term betrayal in the second part of the job advertisement is again a reference to this game. The reason is pretty apparent: one of the game’s main themes revolves around Penelope and her betrayal. After the robbery of the Cooper Vault, Penelope was working with Bentley on his time machine but eventually disappeared. It later turns out that Cyrille was working with Le Paradox against Bentley.

The second job posting is for a multiplayer/network programmer who can “define, implement and deploy network features that support a seamless and immersive cooperative gaming experience.” It is not clear what kind of game this job posting refers to. The Infamous franchise may get co-op, but it’s also possible that it’s an entirely new IP.

Source: Twitter

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