Is Sly Cooper Set For A Comeback? Several Signs Point To It!

The Sly Cooper franchise has been neglected again recently, even though the series, launched on PS2, has been a staple of Sony for two decades…


The Thieving Raccoon is one of the Sony IPs underused lately. Twisted Metal is another example, but we’ve already heard that a TV series is in the works, and we’ve also discussed rumours of a game. But that series started in the PS1 era, while Sly shone on PS2. And now, there’s talk that Sony could bring him and his gang back on PlayStation 5.

AccountNGT wrote on Twitter that a source said that Sly Cooper’s unveiling (or more accurately, the announcement of his return) could happen in the second half of 2022, between July and December. It makes sense to him because 2022 is indeed Sly’s 20th anniversary, and yes, we are that old: 2002 was a long time ago. And in another tweet, the leaker pointed out that Sucker Punch Productions are not developing this revival. They could be working on either the sequel to InFamous or (and this option seems more logical) the second part of Ghost of Tsushima.

Since they were the developers of the gang of thieves back in the day, it follows that another studio could be behind the return of Sly Cooper. But those two tweets serve as the starting point. Reddit users found that Sucker Punch has updated the rights to the domain. The timing doesn’t seem coincidental either, and something is up. PlayStation could bring back some older IPs, which sounds especially good for older gamers if this is true.

There’s a good chance we won’t hear from Sly Cooper in tonight’s State of Play broadcast, as Sony has openly stated that they’ll be focusing on Japanese publishers in the twenty-minute broadcast. As Sucker Punch isn’t precisely from there, we might as well cross the raccoon and his brigade off the list of possible announcements.

We’ll add at the end that none of this is official. However, a State of Play Sly announcement is something we wouldn’t bet on.

Source: WCCFTech

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