More Silent Hill Images Leaked: Is Kojima Working On It Too?!

It’s fair to suspect that not only Bloober Team could be involved in the return of Silent Hill, but that Kojima Productions might be amongst the developers as well… and is Silent Hill 2 getting a remake!?


Over the weekend, we reported that Konami had confirmed that the return of Silent Hill had been rumoured for a long time for a reason, as published images of the 2020 build had been scrubbed from Twitter. Dusk Golem (=Aesthetic Gamer) was the one who posted that batch of photos and has now published two more. They can also be found on Reddit. Let’s take a closer look at what they are.

The first one shows the not-quite-clean dwelling we’ve seen before, and the second one is related to Hideo Kojima. On Twitter, RyangoFett_24 pointed out that the girl with glasses looks a lot like a mocap artist Kojima worked with, so it’s as if her face was digitized into the game. There are a lot of similarities there, so it’s an interesting observation. Let’s not deny it…

According to Dusk Golem, these leaked images are from a game that would have been released in 2021 if not for the pandemic that then threw all plans off track. This game was still in development six months ago, but he hasn’t heard anything new about it since then, but he doesn’t believe the whole project has been cancelled (the story of Silent Hills and P.T. before it may not be repeated). He also thinks we will see Silent Hill sooner than we think.

So that’s another reason to consider what the rumour said. So there could be not just one Silent Hill project, but two, as we don’t think that the Bloober Team (with whom Konami has a strategic partnership, and it’s official!) will be working with Kojima Productions on the game, but we have heard that there are rumours of several studios working together. After all, it’s worth sitting back and waiting for Konami (and Sony…?) to reveal something official. Allegedly, Bloober Team is involved in remaking Silent Hill 2!

Source: PSL

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